Hotel & Resort RFID Wristband

RFID Wristband is not only an upgraded version of Hotel KeyCard, but it helps businesses to be more competitive. By adding RFID technology, you can connect your assets and allow customers to use specific devices and access specific places.  RFID will take your business to a digital management level, support your business’ decisions in the future.

Hands-Free Experience

hand free rfid wristband

Traditional Challenges Mult-Tickets Response

Traditional access cards require a separate carrier and people often lose them. If working out or swimming in the hotel, it is quite troublesome for customers to change another key if they need to store their luggage.

How RFID Wristband Aid Hands-Free Experience

Customers can not only wear it, but can even take it with them to swim or work out with a silicone wristband. A more flexible way
It does not require electricity and can still be used for cashless payment and as a key for multiple devices and occasions through authorization. Helping customers to get rid of smartphones and other ties is true Free Time.
A good design will make people more willing to take the bracelet out and help the hotel get better publicity

100% Secure Access

Hotel rfid wristband secure

Traditional Challenges Secure Access

 Conventional hotel cards are easily accessed by hackers for information acquisition and tampering. Magnetic stripe cards are easily demagnetized and invalidated. Customers feel less secure

How RFID Wristband Aid Secure Access

RFID Chip has global uniqueness, it has no possibility to be copied and counterfeited. Equipped with security to restrict access to unauthorized personnel. RFID Wristband is often applied to room doors, business presentations, private weddings, confidential meetings, etc. to prevent access by uninvited personnel. Choose from disposable or reusable materials to suit the needs of the venue

Information Record

rfid hotel wristband information record

Traditional Challenges Door Card Response

Hotel cards/resort cards are only used for premises and room access passes, they have no more use

How RFID Wristband Aid Information Record

Records how often customers use rooms and equipment, and what goods are purchased, helping companies to deploy people and assets in the future

Infinite Possibilities

RFID Wristband more benefits

Cleanable and Durable

Keeping the bracelet clean enhances the user experience.

Social Media

Tightly connected to social networks to promote your business or to facilitate the exchange of social information between customers.

Choose One to integrate all

With RFID Wristband you don’t need to provide additional gym , pool or sauna tickets, etc. You don’t even need much cashier staff, equipment rental managers. You can save more money. Contact our product specialists for better solutions

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