Water Park & Pool & Camping &Beach RFID Wristband

IP67 rated waterproof, comfortable material, high temperature sterilizable and reusable. Equipped with RFID Chip, high-speed identification to achieve faster entry. Just one bracelet also combines cashless payment, customer level management, customer information record and so on. 

Water Park & Pool Key Benefits

Speed up the entrance

High-speed identification to speed up the entrance and increase satisfaction

Hands-Free Experience

One RFID Wristband can act as multiple roles, saving more operating expenses

Membership Management

Realize customer level management to better serve VIP customers

Speed up the entrance

Traditional Challenges Long-Line Response

Summer has arrived and the number of swimmers has exploded. With the heat, people often tend to get cranky. Poor entry speeds only make people angrier.

How RFID Wristband Aid Speed Up The Entrance

Wristbands with RFID CHIPS can be used for level management of customers and read data at high speed. Help member customers for VIP channel opening, faster experience entertainment facilities. Significantly improve the user experience and increase satisfaction

Hands-Free Experience

Traditional Challenges Mult-Tickets&Keys Response

Yes, your client may need to check their ticket to enter the swimming pool and then they will be given a key after finding the storage locker. If they want to buy some drinks or food, they go back to the storage locker to get the cash again. Oh, you can imagine how bad that is

How RFID Wristband Aid Hands-Free Experience

With the Waterproof Wristband, you can integrate all into one. Customers use the wristband to enter, it also serves as a storage locker key, and yes it also enables CUSHLESS Payment. data shows that cashless payments can help boost sales by 20%.

Membership Management

Pool RFID Wristband membership management

Traditional Challenges Membership Management Response

Manual identification of members often leads to misunderstandings or takes more time.

How RFID Wristband Aid Membership Management

rfid chip can help you achieve member identification with just a Tap. By authorizing the bracelet, VIP customers are allowed to enter specific places and use specific devices, thus increasing satisfaction.

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Pool&Waterpark&Camping&Beach RFID Solution

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