Custom Fabric with EPC Number Printing 24bit Ucode8 RFID laundry Tag 70*15mm

Specifically designed to identify linen products.

Resistant to harsh laundry environments.

Easy to affix onto textile items.

Discreet, easy to integrate into textile items.

Excellent read performance.

Guaranteed to withstand 200 commercial washings or 3 years.

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TJ UHF RFID Laundry Tags are made of a fabric label embedded with an ultra-small UHF device coupled to a sewed thread antenna. TJ UHF RFID Laundry Tags measures out to be a sleek 70 x 15 mm. Discreet and non-obtrusive, it can be seamlessly inserted in the hems of textile items to enable fast identification and automated counts, individually, or in bulk quantities. 

Tracking management
Hospital uniforms
Linens/ Pallets/ Canvas bags
Use in hotel sheet
Attached to textile
Work clothing

Tag size: 70*15mm

Material: Fabric with EPC Number Printing 24bit

RFID chip: Ucode 8

TID: 96 bit

EPC memory: 128 bit

Operating frequency: 860–960 MHz

Standard: ISO 18000-6C

Max Read Distance: 9M

Attachment Method: Sewn in hem, inserted in hem, sewn into patch, directly onto textile

Weight: < 1 g

Washing Cycles: 200 cycles or 3 years

Tag Size
Custom Farbic with EPC Number RFID laundry Tag 7015mm size

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860–960 MHz


ISO 18000-6C



MOQ(Mininum Order Quantity)

200, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000

RFID Label
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7 days
8 days
8 days
8 days
8 days
10 days

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1) For stock samples, we can send you several free samples for your test, you pay for the shipping cost.
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We can encode different serial numbers, URL/website, Text to each Tag as your request.

Yes, of course it can. We do OEM. And the original artwork prefer in Abode Illustrator, PDF, CDR9 or CDRX4. In PSD is ok, DPI should over 300.
Quick to solve problems, creative to design new items, newest RFID items are available here.
Cost-effective and flexible to adjust production for volume and urgent orders.

Yes, we can send you our catalogue with price list, but not all models, since there are too many models here.

The model in stock, it takes around1-2 weeks We will try to deliver it with the promise of quality guarantee as soon as possible.

RFID white label, RFID sticker contains both back glue and top coated paper or PET, the structure is Coated paper/PET+antenna + chip + chip package + glue + release paper. RFID label packaging can be divided into fold, roll and single product. Products can be divided into thermal printing and heat transfer printing; materials can be paper, waterproof materials and PVC or PET for choice, size diversity for customers to choose, encryption processing, personalized and coding services, thermal printing full package; frequency requirements: 860-960MHz-uhf / 13.56MHz-iso14443 / 13.56MHz-iso15693.

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Custom Fabric with EPC Number Printing 24bit Ucode8 RFID laundry Tag 70*15mm

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