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contactless IC designed for easy integration into new and existing systems. Its predefined file system and total available memory of 640 Bytes (equivalent to Classic with 1 kB) make it an excellent choice for single-application designs in a wide variety of use cases. Depending on the use case, up to five AES 128-bit keys can be used to manage access rights, while the secure messaging option enhances the protection of data and privacy.

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Standard size (85.5*54mm), Custom sizes available
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Nversatile contactless smart card platform serving the requirements of applications managed by one single entity. Offering a powerful mix between performance, security, privacy and flexibility. It addresses the needs of limited use and simple extended use applications. Based on these parameters,trusted platform targeting the secure authentication of people with an intuitive convenient user experience.

fully compliant with the contactless proximity smart card protocol according to ISO/IEC 14443-4 and ISO/IEC 7816-4 communication frames making it compatible with the majority of existing contactless infrastructure devices and with NFC devices, such as NFC enabled mobile handsets. Its contactless performance supports superior user convenience and reading distances up to 10 cm.

has a file-based memory structure compliant to ISO/IEC 7816-4 with a fixed, pre-defined configuration of six individual files (EF). The pre-defined configuration enables various use cases and allows the management of data according to best practice. Organized in one single directory (DF) and configurable access rights per file it enables different use cases of one issuing instance. offers three individual standard data files with totally 544 bytes of memory for storage of application-specific data. The value file with a stored signed integer value and an upper and lower limit enables fast, flexible and secure implementation of monetary transactions, e.g. for micropayment applications. The cyclic record file with 4 entries of 16 bytes each enables an on-card logging of transactions.

As a contactless platform,  includes a powerful transaction management. This transaction management ensures data and transaction consistency supporting applications with the avoidance of disrupted or incomplete transactions. The optional Transaction Message Authentication (TMAC) further enables operators of, e.g., payment applications with a cryptographic checksum over the complete transaction enabling the verification of a transaction by a clearing entity.

offers AES-based security features for authentication and data transfer over the contactless interface. The required level of security is defined by the needs of the application and can be done on a file basis. With 5 customer defined keys, supports a key management addressing the organizational and security needs of the issuing entity.

Beside the standard AES implementation, offers an alternative AES-based protocol for authentication and secure messaging using a Leakage Resilient Primitive, LRP. The LRP works as a wrapper around the AES cryptography and enhances side-channel and fault resistance.

contains features like the fully encrypted communication mode enabling contactless applications to address privacy sensitive applications. With its optional support of Random ID, it enables compliance with latest user data protection regulations.

Users it can change the application identifier (AID) and the file identifiers (FID) according to their needs enabling compatibility with existing data models. This further enables users to complement their use cases with an NFC forum-compliant Type 4 Tag in order to enable additional, end-user centric services, such as business card sharing or pairing with a network.

Memory Organization

      • 640 bytes user memory, equivalent to available user memory on legacy MIFARE Classic 1kB product
      • Data retention of 10 years and write endurance of minimum 200.000 cycles
      • File system compliant to ISO/IEC 7816-4 with one predefined Directory File (DF) and a set of Elementary Files (EF)
        • Three standard data files, one with 32 bytes and two with 256 bytes
        • One cyclic record file of 4 records of each 16-byte record size
        • One value file for value operations including upper and lower limits
        • Optional Transaction Message Authentication Code (TMAC) file for transaction protection
      • File system compliant with MIFARE DESFire EV2 file system

    User-configurable file naming enabling compatibility to legacy systems and NFC Type 4 Tag compliant configurations

Security and Privacy

  • Common Criteria certification: EAL4 for both Hardware and Software
  • Secure messaging compliant to standard AES according to NIST Special Publication 800-38A and 800-38B
    • Optional enhanced side-channel attack protection using LRP wrapped AES operation according
  • Five customers defined AES 128-bit keys including key versions
  • Optional Random ID for enhanced privacy
  • Individual AES 128-bit TMAC key for enhanced transaction protection
  • Transaction counter limit to limit the number of transactions with the application
  • 3-pass mutual authentication
  • Flexible access control configurable per file (EF)
  • Individual key configuration for Read (R) / Write (W) / ReadWrite (RW) / Configuration
  • Configurable secure messaging communication mode
    • Plain communication
    • CMAC protected for message integrity protection
    • Full Enciphered plus CMAC for full encryption of complete data transferred through the contactless interface
  • ECC-based originality signature
  • AES-based originality keys leveraging the LRP wrapped AES authenticati

Special features

  • Transaction-oriented automatic anti-tearing mechanism
  • Configurable ATS information for card personalization
  • Functional compatibility with EV2 for easy integration of applications designed on MF2DL(H)x0 into flexible multiapplication solutions
  • High input capacitance (50 pF) for small form factor design available
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Visitor Badges
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Club Cards
Time Tracking
Employee Management
Hotel Key Cards
VIP Cards
Gift Cards
Trade Shows
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Menu Cards
Bus & Metro Cards

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RFID Card Production Process

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④ Laminating
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⑦ Testing
⑧ Packaging
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Custom RFID Card NFC Type Tag 4

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